The Wave, prose written by Brad Osborne at
Jorgen Hendriksen

The Wave

The Wave

written by: Brad Osborne


It is a fraternity of lifestyle. A shared philosophy that transcends all other differences. In that moment, it is not who they are, but what they are that matters. It is not what they ride, but that they ride which binds them as family.

Unknown and unimportant are the details that led them here. Rich or poor. Good or bad. Newbie or Iron Butt. All things pale in the light of their shared joy. The communal belief that life is best lived on the open road.

This long-standing pride and tradition, acknowledged by these two lone headlights, honoring every rider and mile that came before them. So simple a gesture to represent an ideal so grand.

Left hands slip the grip and they wave as they pass.

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