Book Review - 'More Than Meets the Eye', a book of short stories by Dilip Mohapatra at

Book Review – ‘More Than Meets the Eye’ by Dilip Mohapatra

Book Review

‘More Than Meets the Eye’ by Dilip Mohapatra

written by: Betty Anne


Dilip Mohapatra is a prolific poet. In his latest book of short stories entitled ‘More Than Meets the Eye’ Dilip, the writer, pays homage to his vastly rich Indian culture interweaving universal human interactions, friendships, betrayal, good deeds, and murderous intentions which transcend borders. He succinctly demonstrates his ability to place heroes against villains, which is best exhibited in ‘The Curse of Kuldhara’, a cautionary tale of karma, wrongdoing, and vindication.

Throughout his short stories, Dilip displays how in touch he is with his feelings of love, best illustrated in ‘Love Story’, a tale about love begetting love, and that’s in addition to his deep understanding of human strengths, frailties, of life and death, well told in a murder story called ‘These Haunting Eyes’. Well versed in the politics of India, ‘The Buck Stops Here’ brings front and center bureaucratic red tape and political meandering, and uncovers the underpinnings and inner workings of government and society.

‘The Last Courtesan’ is a tale of a life ill-conceived, brilliantly lived, and poetically culminated which further exhibits his depth as a writer through a compassionate lens. In ‘Harem Hallucinations’, depravity meets its match through this nightmarish lens into the dark side of an era ill-begotten, demonstrative of Dilip’s ability to bring history to light via contemporary storytelling.
His stories are interlaced with intrigue and deception, sadness and hope, glory and defeat, further establishing his depth as a writer. In his inimitable style, Dilip Mohapatra gives credence to the reason why you should read this multi-dimensional compilation of short stories.


‘More Than Meets the Eye’ was published by Authors Press (New Delhi, India)

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