Boxing up My Life? a poem by Ger White at

Boxing up My Life?

Boxing up My Life?

written by: Ger White


If I was to box my life, what colours would those boxes be?

The early part should be pure white,
Born to snow-covered earth
My Dad cycled 40 miles on the road
For the miracle of my birth.

Next would be an orange one,
Sunshine years in a box,
Where all we did was play each day
On a farm with dogs and horse

Dark grey for my sisters moving away
Breaking the family home
Getting good jobs in the city, afar
Leaving three of us alone

Bright red, I’ll use for my 20s years
Plenty money in office with friends
Up to mischief, fun and love
Setting stylish fashion trends!

30s need a darker box
We’ll sink to navy blue
Best friend got married, rocked my world
I run from home and family true.

Watched Dad in grief, to see me go
To the biggest mistake of my life
Away to London, where no-one I knew
Bewitched by masculine guile.

40s, we choose a brighter blue
As clear as summer skies
Where into my world came love so true
A reward for earlier strife.

50s – yellow polka dot box
We laughed each day away
Holidayed, played, ate out – a lot
Planted a future, happy and gay.

60s presented a covered box
Brown paper raised suspicion
The colours inside were equally dull
And we lost my lovely musician.

But ho! What colours lie ahead?
I’ve not opened my future box
My friends and memories carry me strong
I’m not scared to break the lock!

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