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written by: AngelFace44



Darkness surrounding
trying to consume me
the weight of obligation
threatens to undo me.
Day after day the struggle continues.
Days turn to months turns to years.
Always alone dealing with my fears
no one there to stave off the tears.

My shoulders grew strong,
the weight just a fact.
The struggles, always there
ensure I must be the one to act.
The mountain I climbed
was huge beyond measure.
The scrapes and bruises
forming my armor.

Still alone I persevered,
the tunnels of black always there.
No one to help, no one to share,
yet still I rose, the top in sight.
My steps still heavy yet fueled by might.
Success is mine, my career is steady.
The kids are grown, for life they’re ready.
The darkness ignored year after year,
never forgotten but always feared,
returning to threaten what I hold dear.

A message received, changing my path.
The subsequent call, and later a meet,
bring hope to my heart as love I do greet.
The tunnels of black fading to gray,
the light at the end shining brighter day by day.
The tunnel, now white, shows me my future.
My love, my heart, and yes, my soul’s mate
has struggled and fought through his own tunnel of slate.
And here we are, together in love.
The journey was hard but well worth the wait.

Looking back at the darkness we bid it farewell.
We will never be alone, nor wallow in fear.
For now we have each other, the load we do share.
Our tunnels, once black, have merged into one.
The light of our love will not be undone.

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