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written by: Poli Miltou



Where are you going, in the middle of the night, my heart?
Guards, step aside, I am not a stranger!

Where are you flowing, eternal love, 
moving softly as velvet?
Which is your ghostly Figure,
that rules your harmless path?

Slowly, my sensitive hull is being rocked by the wave 
of the ocean!
Oh, how would I desire to feel carefree
in a journey so exquisite, and peaceful
together only with those who know how to feel.

The streets are silent, the western wind is cool,
the fishing lamps are lit in the sky’s light
the clouds are dancing in a rhythmic motion,
reflections of stars in the water.

So, look, it is coming, it is coming
it’s the most beautiful, the most important dream,
the bravest hope!
Move tonight, my little boat,
reach the neighborhoods of men!

Bring affection and a breath of joy to their homes,
bend over to friends and beloved ones
And leave a tender kiss on their foreheads,
a sweet whisper of peace!
Make those in pain smile in their sleep,
make the souls find rest!

Do not rise, my sun, in this guileless dawn,
let my shadow pass in silence,
so the eyes of the enemies will not see it,
so the “friends” will not betray me anymore.
Deep in the bottom of the boat, I lie,
without a wound this battle to end.

In the white dock, angels are awaiting me.
When I moor there,
once more I will stand up against the wind,
I will breathe freely the saltiness of the night,
I will be safe at last!

But I still have a big journey ahead!
Love is not over…
Souls awaiting in the side streets of the earth!

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