An Invitation to a Drowning by Jax NTP at

An Invitation to a Drowning

an invitation to a drowning

written by: Jax NTP



limbs slice cold water
cerulean sea foam green
boy on winter day
swimming to/from clarity
reasons need not a logic

what will be will be
earth’s rotations stop for none
arabesque sunset

inhale bravery
a dive to exhaust the now
water reflecting
vertigo – exhale – his body
drapes itself into the rush



Jax NTP holds an MFA in Creative Writing, Poetry from CSU Long Beach and teaches Critical Thinking & Composition at Golden West College, in Huntington Beach, CA.
Jax reads fiction for The Offing Magazine, reads poetry for By&By Poetry, and edits poetry for Indicia Lit. Jax’s words have appeared in Cordite Poetry Review, Apogee Journal, and 3:AM Magazine.

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