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Our Family Affair

Our Family Affair

written by: Anne G



Recently, I attended the 65th weeding anniversary of my parents. It was a truly momentous occasion and one of the proudest moments of my life. My five siblings, our children, and our children’s children came together to celebrate a very rare and privileged occurrence. The marriage between two people that has withstood the test of time, six decades and five years. A lifetime!


Everything was beautiful. The theme was “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Family, friends, and neighbors took part of the festivities with great joy and felicity. We were all so happy. The objects of our attention and affection, our parents, the patriarch and matriarch of our family, were beaming. The smiles on their faces, and from time to time, tear filed eyes, spoke volumes of their deep gratitude for our efforts and immense pride in their offspring and generations thereof.

What a festive occasion.

As goes with all good things, they all must come to an end sooner or later. A reunion that took months to plan and which, lasted but a few days seemed to have ended in a blink of an eye. Good byes were exchanged with a mixture of tears and laughter, for as you may probably know, the unknowns of what may come are always part of life’s uncertainties.

The party’s over.

And so we promised to stay close, stay in touch. Most promises would be kept but as life’s daily routines tend to get in the way, many would be hard to keep. The best of intentions many times tend to go by the wayside. Being the optimistic I am, I myself will keep hope alive and will keep the proverbial fire burning until we meet again. Until the next time we come together to celebrate those we love. To borrow a line from The Bard himself –

“Parting is such sweet sorrow”.

In the days since, I have reflected much about the conversations had, the memories shared, and all those little things that make times like this so special, and have realized anew that family bonds are irreplaceable. There is nothing like the ties forged by blood. Our parents give us the most precious gift that can be bestowed upon a human being. Life. The life upon which we form the relationships that make each one of our individual journeys so worth living. Bonds, that are forever and inextricably bring us to, Our Family Affair.

Anne G

Anne G

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