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Bright Eyes and Dark Skies

written by: Gray Skies



I dreamt of you last night, here in my city; my refuge.
I woke in the dark, breathless, feeling both relief and anguish that the dream had ended.

You were here with me, the you I had always wanted, bright smiles and light eyes under dark skies and high rises. I felt the loss of you anew.

I lay alone in the dark, struggling to pull myself back to my current life.

These memories of you can hold me hostage.
Am I beginning to heal, or forgetting what was real?

Dani Gray

Dani Gray

Dani is a Seattle base writer #grayskies

She is passionate about words, rain, crows, and fountain pens.
You can usually find her where the tides are crashing in.
Dani Gray

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