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Cosmic Essence

written by: Jose A. Tovar


I grabbed a handful of stardust
and drank the cosmic essence
to see the images of reality
reflected upon my eyes,
these curious eyes
seeking a vision of nature
to which I could relate
and see you.

I found a lake where I could breathe
fresh water into my lungs,
water collected drip by drip
from your melancholic
memories without me,
me without you.

I am one with the universe:
your tears are a part of me.
Your heart beats for me
inside of you.

Jose A. Tovar

Jose A. Tovar

Inquiring freethinker undertaking a journey of moral and intellectual transformation: I strive, I search, I hunt for the hidden and forbidden, mold it into poetry, and let the shadows within me burst free...

B.A. in Political Science, former Analytical Linguist, and lover of liberty.
Jose A. Tovar

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