Broken Light Switch, poetry by John Grochalski at

Broken Light Switch

Broken Light Switch

written by: John Grochalski



i try
to tell the super
about the broken light switch

how it’s being held together with tape

but he’s outside
throwing chinese poppers
with his russian mafia buddies

when i knock
on his door

his pregnant wife
looks at me like i’m satan

i try
to tell the super
about the broken light switch

the outlets hanging off the wall
the faulty toilet
and the clogged-up sink

but he’s off hiding in tangier

i look around the apartment
at the cracked ceiling
and busted kitchen floor

think about how i’m living no better
than i did twenty years go

how i’ll probably have this broken light switch at fifty

i try
to tell the super
about age and misery

how i should’ve become
a plumber or an electrician
instead of a public servant

about all of
those wasted years

on aesthetics and art

but the super is at his second job
slaving like the rest of us

to pay his bills
and his rent

fixing broken light switches
for someone else

left sitting there musing their futility
in the shadows and the dark.

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