Dark Love Ode written by Kat Lehmkuhl at Spillwords.com

Dark Love Ode

Dark Love Ode

written by: Kat Lehmkuhl


I feel dark inside,
Like thick, clotted ink
Seeping through
Tiny perforations in my soul.
A black cloud covering my
True vision.

My legs move as if
Lead weights are tied,
As if they sludge
Through muddy,
Bogged waters.

Sleep would be a friend
If it would only visit,
But it does not stay.
Thoughts of you,
Of losing you,
Have become my
One constant companion.

Your eyes were my alcohol,
The resonance of your voice,
My drug, an instant high.
Now, none of my vices
Will tame the withdraws,
That rip into my soul.

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