The World Travellers, written by DS Maolalai at

The World Travellers

The World Travellers

written by: DS (Diarmuid) Maolalai



I met them
in Toronto
on a stop
to somewhere else. they were
on one of those
months long holidays
that dull
professional people take –
they’d be hitting
South America
when I
was only getting
into work. we had coffee
in a cheap
Toronto chain
and I took them out after
to see the water. there wasn’t much
else to do – it was a boring town
by daylight
and anyway
we weren’t
very close.
their next flight
would be boarding
in an hour
for Brazil. it was strange,
though, seeing the past
drop so readily
to the present
but gotten older,
like finding a photo
folded behind the couch. fun too –
finding out
what they’d been up to
in Nepal
and North Africa
with the safe knowledge
that you’d only have to hear about it

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