Certain Ivory written by Cristina Munoz at Spillwords.com

Certain Ivory

Certain Ivory

written by: Cristina Munoz



I describe my lover’s face,
as certain ivory,
sculpted from muscled porcelain.
She laughs,
throat exposed,
then shrugs,
and calls me biased.

Yet her face is precise.
I remain relentless
as strong as her stance
and head tilted gaze.
With hands stretched far inside,
black denim pockets,
her mouth,
wild and able,
urges me behind.
Becomes my water of discovery

While her Irish blue stare
leaves me unscrewed,
and i know
as our bodies entwine,
my hands are home.



“Certain Ivory” means so much to me as it’s the first poem I got down about my muse of the last twenty two years and counting. It was inspired by this actual photo of my muse (the one with the ‘certain Ivory’ skin on the right) taken during our first year together. It still gives me shivers when I think about it.

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