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written by: Josie Dee



Midnight, my old friend, it's not been so long -
This morning, and the last - these past days have gone,
Reliable in name - varied in nature
Presenting crossroads in starlight each new day, new adventure

But it's time to sleep as the world is in slumber
Whilst we're still awake and my mind starts to wander
Stuck in a loop of days upon days
With hours upon minutes - my sleep won't behave

Set by two hands and a face to call home
I'm caught in the clock as you make time your own
But you playfully creep - making nonsense of time
Closing in faster on each day of mine

I don't mind your intrusion - it's often a surprise
But rarely have I woken, seen you through slumbering eyes
A milestone in the night yet you play on time's horizon
Running down time, each second more gone

Perceptively far - incredibly near
Tick ticking away through yet another year
Midnight my old friend, we'll always meet here
With a new found worry or a spark of idea

Midnight, my old friend - I think it's time to agree
We have an ever fluid friendship - your timelessness and me.

Josie Dee

Josie Dee

Since 2012 I have written plays using Shakespeare's language and framework to create new adaptations of his work for a touring theatre company.
Josie Dee

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