Lora from Prishtina, a poem by Lan Qyqalla at Spillwords.com
Jeffery Erhunse

Lora from Prishtina

Lora from Prishtina

written by: Lan Qyqalla


The Goddess descends into memories
Lora took into her arms
the blessed silence
an eye she gave to love
a song to the sun
to evil she gave the smile
her lips enchanted me
embracing the dream of the poet…

Again with Lora of Prishtina
we often meet on the boulevard
looking at the shadows of the rocks
beauty walks courageously
in love as the meteor of words
rains with arrows in sight
her lips put ash on my tongue
where the unspoken word slopes
the missing halt
during the white sleep
Lora of Prishtina –
gives a song to the sun.

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