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Miss Us

Miss Us

written by: Abhishek Punyani



One day when I’m gone you will miss me.
One day when we stop talking, you will miss us.
One day when I stop texting you, you will miss those texts.
One day when we stop hanging out, you will miss the fun we had.
One day when we stop calling, i will miss the late night conversations.
One day when we will stop seeing each other, we will feel bad.
We will miss annoying each other.
We will miss hanging out.
The smiles we shared.
The ice creams we had.
The walks we shared
And the way we cared.
But one day, if and when we try again.
We’ll end up saying goodbye again.
We will try to enjoy the rain.
As we try to hide all the pain.
We’ll laugh as we walk away.
And all the pain will go away.
One day we will look back and remember the good times.
All the fights we had
One day we will tell our stories to our kids.
One day we will smile and miss us.
One day, all those smiles, walks, fights and dates will take us back.
We will miss us and share new smiles.
As we walk different paths for miles.
One day we will meet new people, walk with them, talk with them and make memories with new us.
But one day when we will come across a photo of us, we will miss us, because it was a special us.

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