Writing Curves in Breakups, poetry by Andy Cooper at Spillwords.com

Writing Curves in Breakups

Writing Curves in Breakups

written by: Andy Cooper



I lit her letter in a bin of regrets
after she trailed freeways away,
leaving me and this small town behind.
I swung a baseball bat against
her laptop.
The screen cracked
like my plastic heart
constructed out of stardust.
The shards settled as ashes
intermingling with the dense
air in a home where she
failed to pay the heat bill.
Each breath fogged my memories
of brighter times.
After I gathered my wits, I smiled
to another day without her.
She returned, asking what had happened to the laptop.
I explained why.
She said it was a lie.
She said the note had nothing to do with me.
She was out of ideas about what to write.
I blamed it on the insecure part of my heart.
“At least, I’ve got something to write about.” Hannah grinned.
“I was going to throw the thing away anyway.”
I blushed as her clothes hit the floor.
“Help me write a love scene,” she said, pulling me with her finger and a seductive glance.

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