Security in Trust, poetry by Andy Cooper at
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Security in Trust

Security in Trust

written by: Andy Cooper



As Sandra shook the oak tree,
my suspicion descended
through red and brown leaves,
brushing a brisk, serene breeze
across my cheek.
What I knew before she spilled
into my arms wasn’t much of, well,
wasn’t much of anything.
I thought I’d run out
of things to say.
But after meeting Sandra,
the sun will never split
down the middle of the home again.
The existing butterflies remain
just that within and show no signs
of departing as long as her name
is on my lips, and her facade dances
in my head until the bitter end.
I relinquished my pursuit to revitalize
hope in my self-doubt,
but it’s never been harder
to be something I’m not.
I lie as she strings me
along with her crooked finger,
cooking mistruths she expected
me to believe.
And believe her words,
I did to the determinant
of the consequences.
I wanted it to be true.
Sandra expressed her
undying love for me;
I know I have to believe it to be true.

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