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True Friend

True friend

written by: Josie Dee



Those breaths I hold tight when the happiness won’t come
Breaths I carry lightly when the dizziness follows me home
Those breaths I control when I want to take it all away
Breaths I can’t catch when my darkness breaks the day

Your words that shelter me from my thoughts and my fear
Words that take me away from shade and the edges I’m near
Your words that move me to feel free, light and escape again
Words that lift me and put perspective to my pain
Looks that hold me on the edge to keep myself here
Your looks that shoot down the sickness that feeds my fear
Looks that take me home and the worry that forces the mask
Your looks that keep me pretending to make this feeling last

Heartbeats I skip when the feelings grip me tight
Those heartbeats I miss when I’m crying alone at night
Heartbeats I savour when the dark thoughts arise
Those heartbeats I feel like thunder forcing tears to my eyes

Eyes that catch the light when hope is lost and passed
Your eyes that hold me from my reflection in the shattered glass
Eyes that keep me talking, to which I cannot lie
Your eyes that read between the lines no matter how hard I try
Your hands that held me and hold me through the cries
Hands that hold me and carry me through the lies
Your hands that lead me away from myself when I’m dark
Hands that guide me to rekindle the fight and the spark

Feelings holding me ransom to omnipresent fears
Those feelings holding me softly as I control my tears
Feelings taking hold and turning my thoughts to before
Those feelings taking care of me as I finally win the war

You; that friend who holds you when you lash out in defence
You; that friend who sees you through your best lie and pretence
You; a friend that wraps you with warmth when you’re falling apart
You; a friend will share love, time and space in their heart.
A tear.
A shoulder.
A hand to hold
A friend; a true friend, is an angel

Something beautiful to behold.



A poem describing a connection to a loved one, or loved ones

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