Parade of Geraniums, poetry by Mehmet F. Habiboğlu at

Parade of Geraniums

Parade of Geraniums

written by: Mehmet Faruk Habiboğlu


Damn the time
Roses do not grow in leech fields
Damn the city without you
To the ground that smells of blood
to the carelessly falling leaves
Near, far
To the void where my hand was thrown

Don’t ask about afternoon rains
I forgot my name in ancient times
I’m trapped in a gothic legend
They broke my wings

I left my youth in Kaliru
My first love became my murder in Prusa
However, my heart was a dragonfly
I couldn’t get along with the seagulls
I am an active duty convict
Was my life as big as a poppy flower?

Parade of geraniums
Bridle full of angry tears
Why is the sky dark at this time?
Be silent, O gladiators, be silent!
Pour my blood on the altar
You know I’m a slave in the worthless market
I am a slave
Let me die again

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