The Last Thoughts, a poem by Vasile Trif at

The Last Thoughts

The Last Thoughts

written by: Vasile Trif


Rungs organize themselves
in a spiral just like
Jacob’s ladder, endless
as evening fell
as morning dawned
it happened so often
that on a Sunday I woke up
holding a living book

it occurred to me
that I could make some changes
for example, to connect the dots
as close to the center as possible

to unite in pairs unfulfilled and lonely words

to take back my harsh words
to incinerate them
and grind up their bones
so they wouldn’t tread miserably and barefoot on anyone’s soul

to visit those I didn’t say goodbye to
it’s true that I still think of them
and welcome them to evening prayer
and in the morning I see myself enjoying a good cup of coffee with them

but suddenly
an angel leaning on his wing
informed me that it is not written in the language of men
that I cannot change anything
since today is Sunday
and every shop it is closed

I consoled myself with this
perhaps, at least these last thoughts
God finds them
and will throw them as seeds of grass
into her round white hollows



The Descent, 2023, mixed media on paper, 9,65 X 7,68 po

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