A Mirrored Pleasure, poetry by Yahuza Abdulkadir at Spillwords.com
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A Mirrored Pleasure

A Mirrored Pleasure

written by: Yahuza Abdulkadir



she yelled
she cried
to answer the ring tones in her ears.

she screamed loud
to the clouds for mercy
but they were too high
to take her hand.

she watched the clothes tear her pride,
she watched her innocence murdered
in cold blood,

when the night surrounded her dreams
with darkness,
the stars of shame covered her eyes,
and her family poured sands of blame on
her face.

she swallowed the salty tears
streaming down her face,
she carried her heart and wore it on her head
for them to see how clean it is but still
they poured sands of blame on her face.

she lost her voice in explaining it all,
as every bone in her body surrendered
to pain.

she tried to borrow a cloth of smile and wear it on her teeth,
and in every beat of her heart,
she felt the earth is near to grab her feet.

she lost her guide and got fear,
she lost her pride and got shame,
she lost everything and got nothing
but pain.

How will you feel if your mirrored pleasure is all pains and shame?

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