The Oblivion's Melody, a poem by Glory Neeraj at
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The Oblivion’s Melody

The Oblivion’s Melody

written by: Glory Neeraj


Beneath the shadowed mask of night, we met,
A figure cloaked in obsidian, a mystery,
With eyes like galaxies, she spoke no words,
Her touch, a whisper of everlasting spring.

Her fingers brushed the dust on my visage,
As stars wept in the vast expanse above,
Silent constellations hidden in silver pearls,
Our souls coiled, like fate’s elusive dance.

She beckoned with a glance, I followed willingly,
Through depths where darkness and light collide,
A domain of pain, desire, and boundless yearning,
Eclipsing my existence in the fantasy world.

Her voice, a song of sorrow’s sweet clasp,
She sung a dirge for the broken and the lost,
Each note a dagger to my aching heart,
Her melody, a requiem for the forsaken.

Infinite moments spun like fragile threads,
Her tender caress, a lifeline in the void,
I tasted the salt of forgotten memories,
Magical time glimpsed the universe’s secrets.

But as dawn approached, she slipped away,
Leaving me with the fragments of a dream,
A bittersweet reminder, tears upon my cheeks,
Touched by an Angel, I perceived both ecstasy and agony.

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