Champagne and Cheesecake, a haiku, and art created from from the statuses of Facebook friends by Robyn MacKinnon at

Champagne and Cheesecake

Champagne and Cheesecake

written by: Robyn MacKinnon



in his new kitchen

filled with champagne and cheesecake

down all night and day!



Illustration description: An image divided into three parts. The bottom part, a strip of creamy tan with traces of pink, one third the height of the image and stretching the width. The top is divided between two rectangular planes. On the left, a midnight blue, starry sky, complete with a moon in the top left corner. On the right, a bubbly, sunny yellow plane with pink tinge, complete with a glowing white sun in the top right. On the edge of the bottom strip hover red, cherry-like globes with perfect little highlights. Above this, the words of the haiku hang midway between the night and day planes in white Bickham Script Pro Regular font. (Created in Adobe Photoshop Elements.)

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