Change of Days, a poem written by Löst Viking at
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Change of Days

Change of Days

written by: John Anthony Fingleton (Löst Viking)


The days were declining fast –
It was that time of year,
When the log pile stacked out in the yard,
Was uncovered and prepared.
Some were taken to the shed,
Others by the fire,
And a heavy curtain hung inside the door,
To waylay the draughts desire.

The eiderdowns, not used since May –
Were taken down again.
The lights switched on at 4 o’clock,
I was in bed by ten.
The first signs of the frozen dew,
Evaporating on the fields,
In the rays of the morning sun,
As the darkness was repealed.

Some days there was persistent rain –
Others bright, although not too warm,
And those that understood the call of birds,
Could predict a coming storm.
The radiators all were bled,
As the heating was turned on;
I still hear the gurgling water in my head,
Every year, when the change of days are about to come.

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