Chariot, poetry written by Elaine Nadal at
Luca Giordano (Apollo in his Chariot)



written by: Elaine Nadal


I’m going to ride the sun chariot across the sky
with my woes y mi canto de sueños y esperanza.
I’ve got the horses ready. I’ll tell them where to go.
I’ll show them the path that leads to ambrosia.

I’m going to ride with duende y corazón,
pierced by bow and arrow.
I’m going to ride with thunderbolts in my fingertips,
brokenness in my pocket and wanderlust in my eyes.
I’ll fix what is broken.
I’ll break what I fix.
If I fall adrift, I shall not dismiss the journey I seek
to peak in excavating mystery.

Like an Andean condor above the mountains,
I’m going to ride the sun chariot across the sky.
I won’t stop shouting the things
the Gate Keeper would like under lock and key.
There are no clichés or senseless dreams
when it comes to challenging the swindling
of freedoms and dignity. No, I won’t stop shouting!
And restlessness cannot be tucked in while the status quo
replaces hope with complacency.

I’m going to ride the sun chariot across the sky.
I’ve packed a piece of oak and a handful of owl feathers.
The clouds feast. They’ll part like the Red Sea.
The rays cradle my fears, sew them into grape seeds.
My mother tongue sprouts, stretches its tough skin,
and scatters the sunlight to make a pathway of pink flowers
across the sky– I’m going to ride the sun chariot,
offering the fire, the flame, the indomitable spirit,
risking and giving my all
till my eyes are no more,
and I become undone.

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