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Childhood Friendship

Childhood Friendship

written by: Mark Russo



Chipmunk, fat cheeks huffin’ ‘n puffin’, ran into the yard telling Mikey and me that the ape-man had escaped from the circus in the mall, that it was last seen headin’ towards Elijah creek in the woods behind Dr. Grover’s horse farm, that it was an ape from the chest up but a naked man from there down, said we didn’t have a brain when we laughed, that as heaven was his witness, he’d seen it and if we’d come with him, he’d show us and us having heard there were all sorts of creatures inside that circus tent but not having enough age or money to see for ourselves, we decided we’d nothing to lose and a story to gain, so we went with Chipmunk to the woods where we did hear some noises and crawled to the ridge of the ravine, me elbowing Mikey for panting too loud, where we really did see a creature, hairy on top and naked on the bottom, splashing about in the creek while a rabbit and raccoon looked on from the bank and, as we took a seat next to them, we swore that we’d not tell anyone else about it.

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