Collision of Two Worlds, poetry by Anupama Dalmia at

Collision of Two Worlds

Collision of Two Worlds

written by: Anupama Dalmia


Dressed in an alluring red gown,
To rave it up, she let her hair down.
Serenity embossed on her face, she sat in repose;
Click, smile, click smile – she dazzled every pose.

Puns and quips were enough to get her to bust a gut;
Her circle of sisterhood never let her feel stuck in a rut.
The jamboree ended with words of gratitude and hugs tight;
The frolic and chortles made way for the quietude of the night.

Calling it a day, her mind rewound a few hours back;
When she wondered if she would survive the moment as she hid like a sack.
For rescuing precious lives, she was in the line of fire;
Tenacity, valour and pragmatism were her attire.

She had survived, they had survived, the squad had been triumphant in their mission;
Once more combating the terror of trafficking, they had broken free from the prison.

She shut her eyes to another day of breathing two airs;
Both of which she sponged up with aplomb and flair.
Crude to polished, murk to shimmer;
Two starkly contrasting worlds collided into her.

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