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written by: Rando Mithlo



They hit up against the wall
All the other seats are full
Haze hanging with the art
Van Gogh is in the kitchen
They don’t pay much attention

She’s a thinker all bluish
Living in all her old kitsch
Moving ‘round with a mouthful
And looking for a fish bowl
Just to spill her guts to

Eyes find depth, pleasant center
Tripping over wordy banter
Now where was I going with this?

Confused to her signals
Come-hither go to hell
You shouldn’t badmouth Elvis
‘Cause you could have a crevice
Open up below you

Comes someone to explain
It’s convoluted in her way
Knocked one down another after
Just feeding on her laughter
She’s sitting on the answer

What I see, a broken vase
Seems like someone else’s chase
Now where was I going with this?

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