Conversation in a Graveyard, flash fiction by Sunra Rainz at
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Conversation in a Graveyard

Conversation in a Graveyard

written by: Sunra Rainz



She’s here again.
What does she want?
I think she’s looking for something.
In a graveyard?
It’ll be dark soon, she ought to run along.
I think I’ve seen her before…
What do you suppose she wants?
Perhaps she’s lost.
I think she might be searching for something.
Her marbles?
She’s got a camera.
Yeah, she’s taking photos.
She took some of the sunset earlier. Right pretty it was. Over your grave there, Betty. She must have taken about a hundred.
And she was talking to herself.
Funny, aren’t they, these young folk, these days? The stuff they do for fun.
I definitely know her. She was here years ago. I remember her face. Her hair’s different though. She seems much happier now than she was then.
She’s taking more pictures, look. Hey, do you think Ivan’ll end up in that one? He was standing right in front of the camera just then! Oi Ivan! Stop messing about! Ha ha!
He’s a right poser.
She seems a bit concerned.
Maybe she’s got a lot on her mind.
Reckon she saw Ivan. He whispered in her ear! Bet she heard him!
She does look a bit spooked.
Yeah, she’s packing her camera away. I think she wants to go.
Oi, Ivan, stop following her! Honestly, he’s a right one.
Ooh, did you see that? She blew something at him. Do you think she can see him too? She said some words that sounded foreign then blew something out of her hand.
What was it?
Not sure but it seems to have had an effect on him.
Look, she’s off! Something definitely gave her the willies.
You all right, Ivan? Nice of you to join us! What’s up?
She threw something in my eye!
What was it?
I don’t know. Sounded like a prayer or something. She blew it right in my face! It really hurt my eyes.
Serves you right. You shouldn’t scare people like that.
It’s the only fun there is around here! We can’t follow them past the gate. Most of the folks couldn’t see or hear us but she could.
Do you think she could see us?
I can’t be sure but she could definitely hear me.
What did you say to her?
I told her she was a bit of all right.
Honestly! Tut tut.
Ha ha! You are dreadful.
I posed for her photo, did you see?
Yeah, it might even come out.
I hope she comes back. I like her.
I don’t know. She’s just got something about her. Pretty eyes.
There’s something she’s looking for but she can’t find it.
What do you mean, Betty?
Something within, I mean. You know, within herself.
Like all people, she’s looking in the wrong place.
Oh well, she’s gone now.
I hope she comes back. I want to give her the frighteners again!
Look, here’s another one!
Why do they always want to come at this time? It’s getting dark.
There he goes. Ivan, leave him alone!

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