Corona Through A Social Lens, poetry written by Hina Tabassum Cheema at
Erik Mclean

Corona Through A Social Lens

Corona Through A Social Lens

written by: Hina Tabassum Cheema

edited by: Jackie Cook


The world had forgotten to sleep
In the race of me first
The world was running short of breath

If you believe in a God, any God,
Regard this time as a test
Count your blessings
Consider your helplessness

Times were tough
And yet
We climbed Mount Everest

Conspiracy theories, economic games
Could it be a natural cycle?
Is the world
Doing de-tox?
It doesn’t matter what we think
In this time of

Look beyond the limits of your vision
Thousands of lives already lost
Help, people, help
Keep clean, eat well, take care
Your neighbours, the elderly, co-workers
They all need you, now

Covid-19 is a mirror
Can you see its world?
It shows us our global village
Locked together
Understand the difference
Grow empathy

Know there were lockdowns already
Power regimes
Contagions of the mind
So many fearful of taking
One step further
Of what might be waiting
Nature is giving us time
To think
To pull back
To step away
From the brink
Corona says the same
To everyone
Corona isn’t racist
It has no religion
It doesn’t care
About your income
Where you live
If you live…
Be kind
Stay safe

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