Country Likes Hit, poetry written by Marius Surleac at
Timothy Eberly

Country Likes Hit

Country Likes Hit

written by: Marius Surleac


gramps calls the geese with a deluge of kernels
amethyst wine dodges my sight in the pannikin
nanna cuts the moonlike polenta with the yarn
a lovage bouquet in the piquant borsch bears
Morgan le Fay all over the courtyard

gramps walks away to the smithery nest
away from me & from itself
along with the clouds’ shadows
shaking the dust once and for all
from the horse crest

barn swallows head for the edge of his
eye circles diving in the tears
the red burnt horizon canyons

I smell the hay in the rack
the butterflies wimping in the flow
of our heart beats with an irregular shaped chin
a mix of holes & steel-alike fangs in the denture
they rake our bloodline

gramps is old and he might pass away someday
we all do as did my first gramps’ old laugh when
fighting his sons with the booze monster

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