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written by: Tammy M Darby


Among the Gorgons that counted three
Touched by comeliness being mortal only she
Beauty that in awe of the universe bowed down
Her glorious sumptuous hair a glowing grace
More exquisite than Aphrodite’s star-studded crown

Pursued and seduced by Poseidon was fair Medusa
The God of the jade seas and cerulean oceans deep
In the sacred temple of Athena
His unrelenting passion for her was consecrated
And evermore in her submission would she weep

Their love spill upon white sacred stone floors
Insulted and in her anger
Athena cursed Medusa to times end and in the word’s, cruelty seep
A serpent's tongue and venomous black eyes replaced the orbs of blue
But behind the monster’s mask
A rare beauty never more wakened would sleep

Writhing snakes replaced the queenly vision of her hair
Hideous, grotesque an unhuman crone
A horrifying sight to be shunned
If to look upon her any fool dare
Her darting eyes turn all to stone

The ill-fated union of Medusa and Poseidon yielded two children,
Chrysaor and Pegasus
Who sprung from her neck upon death
When with but a stroke of cunning Perseus shining blade
Her head severed from her body fell to the floor
To be presented to Athena in homage and honor as a gift.

Tammy M Darby

Tammy M Darby

A reclusive poet in the Ozark Mountains. Scholar of history and French poetry. My favorite poet is Tennyson and his work, 'Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal'.
Tammy M Darby

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