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written by: Tina McFarlane


I wrap you in a blanket of forgiveness
as if it could warm this cold between us
but time and actions
have worn the thin fabric
and frayed its edges

and I have become used to the chill

We share a house
three cats, two kids
and a mortgage

all the trappings

In my head
I look for an escape

But in my heart
I am blind

The memories clash
between then and now
fighting for the control
that I don’t have

As we show the world
our bargain store picture frame
that’s as real as we are

Tina McFarlane

Tina McFarlane

Tina is a contributing poet for TBM Horror Experts and lives in Ontario, Canada. Her work has also appeared in Lucy’s Works and Luna-The Poetry Bar. Originally from Nova Scotia, Tina has always enjoyed writing, although it has taken several years to find her groove. Recently, she finished her courses for her Library Technician diploma. With her new free time, Tina can now focus more of her energy on her writing, which she balances with her job as a Library Assistant and mom to two teens and three cats. She has a soft spot for hardcore metal, horror, science fiction and fantasy. It has taken her a long time to reach this point in her life, and she credits her amazing husband for supporting her. She enjoys meeting other authors of all genres, and you can connect with her via her blog, T.McFarlane – Poet and Writer, as well as Instagram and Facebook.
Tina McFarlane

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