Trilogy On A Bench In The Rain, poetry by Tessa Weitemeier at
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Trilogy On A Bench In The Rain

Trilogy On A Bench In The Rain

written by: Tessa Weitemeier




I have no clue where to start
And there is so much to say
Everything is too close to my heart
I doubt I will ever find a way

Give me back the raw moments
On a bench in the rain
Falling in love with earthly elements
When I tried to ignore the pain

I remember crying and shaking
Your warm hand on my left arm
I was so close to breaking
All these words did so much harm

The blue sweater I told you to wear
My favourite sign of calmness
Even out there in the cold air
Almost spiralling me into dizziness

It’s hard to see how we drifted apart
And yet we were never really close
I can still feel your bleeding heart
And smell your scent in my clothes
But I just can’t find the words
To express how much I’ve hurt



I am sure it’s going to be okay
Just because he knows me pretty well
I wonder if the colours changed
And if we both are still the same

I see him walking through that door
As always, almost tripping on the floor
I clench my fists and swallow hard
Trying hard not to fall apart

I hear myself say, I don‘t want to be here
He just starts smiling from ear to ear
“I am glad you made it through the nights
All those fights and I am happy to see the heights”

I sit down, look him in the eyes and lean back
Maybe he hasn’t changed, they‘re still black
It’s when I feel the tears rising in my throat
That I realize I really need his comfort

As soon as I ask, I regret the question
He tries to hide the answer in a digression
I get it, I haven’t changed to his satisfaction
But now I am stepping into action

We’ll meet again and see again
How much we are still the same
And for sure we both are to blame
But I still know it’s going to be okay
Just because he knows me pretty well



Just looking into your eyes
Turns my blood to concrete
And I start to regret all my lies
I cannot hear my heartbeat

Stop looking at me like that
I know in fact that I am dying
Death is following us like a black rat
And I can see you want to start crying

Your words have always been so hard
And my heart has always been so small
I really wish for a shooting star
Just to stop me from the hard fall

Can we meet again some other time
Maybe another place in another life
And maybe we have another mountain to climb
I really hope to see you in some sort of afterlife

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