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Under The Dark Sea

written by: Uslariono



The sun went down one day
Fleeing cold, under the mountain
And the night which reigned owner
Of life and death on earth
The rooster, fearful, sing no more
Flower petals not show
And wild beasts will be the love
The throne was once Queen
In the palace silence reign
Where there was laughter, where there was joy
cold wind echoes were heard
And so will be the sad night of times
The beautiful dark-haired woman
Putrid sleeps under dry tree
Her prince no longer, touched her lips
Sleeps with the fishes under the dark sea
There will be no heat, no joy
There will be no love, nor life
As the sun went down one day
Fleeing under the mountain cold



Profesor, Poeta no publicado, buscando editorial!
Escribo desde los 15años, en Caracas Venezuela.

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