Inside The Mind of a Dejected Writer, a poem by Tessa Weitemeier at
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Inside The Mind of a Dejected Writer

Inside The Mind of a Dejected Writer

written by: Tessa Weitemeier



I should be working, I should be writing, but I am too busy with not dying
Projects to finish and essays to write, but I have some demons to fight
Here’s a book that waits to be written by me if only I could see
The colours, the light and most important a way to feel free

Poems in my mind seem suddenly wrong when written out loud
My mind is a cloud, part of a thunderstorm in truly destroying form
With my head already under water I am still a good daughter
A screenwriter, a fighter and even as a ghost a writer

Jon said every poet needs some pain but all I need is less of it
All my words in vain, all the blood that I bleed obsolete
But if only for now I can sink like a stone and write like a clone
Of a version of me, all alone and if only I had known
What I am about to find out within all that doubt

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