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written by: Joel Northorp


On a rainy day in which I should have stayed inside
I instead put my military uniform on, screamed and cried
Trying to forget a lost love that now I see as a stranger
I had no idea what lied ahead, especially the danger

Never have I seen so much rain on that day
It must have been God guiding the way
Off the road and down the hill
Everything went quiet everything went still

Rain drops tapping on the wreckage and trees
I frantically yell out for help but no one sees
Hanging upside down with a concussion and a broken arm
I prayed to God please no more harm!

No one is coming, I felt so cold and alone
I undid my seat belt, fell to the ground and pulled out my phone
I dialled 911, her voice sounded so familiar
She calmed me down just like my big sister

Suddenly the steering wheel bursts into flames, melting plastic starts to drip
I tried to kick out the front windshield but I lost my grip
I shrieked out that I’m going to die today
But God had heard when I prayed

Flipping to my stomach, I desperately looked for way out
One last battlecry, one last shout
To my relief the back window had broken off
Black smoke had filled my lungs, I quickly began to cough

Through all that darkness pulling me into light
My guardian angel arrived for the fight
I heard her strong angelic voice beckoning the path

I slid out the window like a new born calve

Army crawl, army crawl into a near cave
The fire fighters who found me are certainly brave
The paramedics ripped off my uniform for all to be exposed
They bandaged my arm, the wound was closed

Sliding back up the hill, tightly strapped in
Storm is pouring down on my naked skin
Born again from ashes with a new vision
Life is way too short, freed from my prison

Every sunrise and sunset I am grateful to be alive
Each day I live is for God to decide
Down the river my soul will forever go
I will not now resist the flow


©2017 Joel Northorp 

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