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written by: Steven Fortune


Poets of tomorrow
Take heed
of the new breed
of characters
from that pirouetting medium
with their curt clerics
sweeping one-line languages
under limpid ambassador
Tweety bird Nobels
wadding the obvious
into a wholesome oration
dashed with sardonic
garlic and ironic salt
These characters are not
down with death
Integers and melancholy
aren’t on that clock
All the time required
to bootleg
the nectar of that sweet
poetic payoff of yours
stands to melt
in transcendent evenness
over evolution’s silicon
Poets don’t inflict depression
They don’t vaccinate you
with punctuation

Steven Fortune

Steven Fortune

Steven Fortune is the author of five poetry books, and has appeared in several print and online publications, including a feature on CBC Radio. He has also served as a Head Editor for his publisher's company. Steven resides in Sydney, Nova Scotia.
Steven Fortune

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