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Darkness Ravens

written by: Verona Jones



Darkness Ravens fall with joining
Shadows so disappointing.
Heavenward the darkness rises
In Cravens beaks our souls to eat.

Flying ever expanding
A cloak of ebony banding.
Death hiding within disguises
In Cravens beaks our souls to eat.

Pray to whatever gods you deign
Unseen whilst the evil does reign.
Even in light it despises
In Craven beaks our souls to eat.

Verona Jones

Verona Jones

I'm an aspiring writer living in Tucson, Arizona. I currently attending Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) pursuing a Master's in Creative Writing. Emphasis on Fiction. I'm a rookie writer for Coffee House Writers, Digital Fox Media, and Vocal.media. I'm getting experience writing, and slowly building my portfolio. I'm hoping to become a professional writer. That's my dream and my goal.
Verona Jones

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