Death of A Talent, poetry by Satabdi Saha at

Death of A Talent

Death of A Talent

written by: Satabdi Saha


….sweeping the dust off darkness
she wondered where she was headed
until a torch defined a face.
Beneath the veneer of carpeted silver
in a shroud of blackness, raged the wind
so subtle that she didn’t recognize
the fierce hissing lurking inside….
ballooning her burden of fear, she carried within,
cracking her apart.
For she was full of dying sparks
in her head; she never intended to bury
but re-ignite to a flaming bonfire!
Like a snake the breeze charmed her gradually,
smothering those lights tenderly, relentlessly,
till they congealed into a corpse in her brain.
She breathed air but it was timed out
and didn’t rise.
It clung tenaciously to the cage
but only the bones echoed, hollow.
She shouldered the coffin, trudging
towards the edge of life.
Perhaps, she thought, one day it will resurrect
on its own…..

when she’ll be free of that shell— called love.

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