The Orange Jaffa, poetry written by Rayna More at
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The Orange Jaffa

The Orange Jaffa

written by: Rayna More


They call him ‘The Orange Jaffa’,
for a reason
no one knows.

A mysterious being,
intriguing for

It is clear that
he is pure
and good.

Yet something about him
draws people to him.

Soul of a diamond,
heart of an angel,
but who is he really?

Does anyone truly know
the thoughts
inside his mind?

He lurks the streets,
a holy sight,
a boy.

Young and wild
and seemingly open,
but deepness succumbs him.

A secret
hidden within him,
makes him so true.

A bottle of light,
a ray of sunshine
with a darkening tinge.

But is darkness
truly bad?
For bad he is not.

Mysterious boy,
who so helpful and kind be,
standing by the wall.

Sunglasses on his mind,
an open door on his lips,
is it all true?

Hidden within him,
but dancing on the surface,

Beauty to be seen,
beauty not yet known,
The Orange Jaffa.

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