Deep in The Hearth of Hell, poetry by Farah Rose Smith at

Deep in The Hearth of Hell

Deep in The Hearth of Hell

written by: Farah Rose Smith



Immortals on a slab, he says
I lack the will to know the magic night
No dog deserves a greater death than this
Full and floating, as a cramped madness
An orifice of elder beasts—time without time
You learn what you learn when you dip the soul
Into the builder’s fantasy
Each living thing, a loss
Each dying ember a song of dread
I would find no courage in them
Only lamps lit dimly over poison
How the heart is swollen for these bones
Their vices, their phantom hall deceits
One weaves the birth of evil in these visions
As happens in the Godhead- swarming
Uncounted eyes, sublime, on every limb
And yet the world is garbage, as is man
Mortal in the end with spoiled senses
The vulgarity of idle dreams
A narrow, vulgar strip of space and time
Deep in the heart of hell, the heroes wail

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