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written by: Jessica Motherway


I wrote this poem deeper than any I've written before
In hopes for the reader it opens a door
A door to look at more than just words that rhyme
Dig deep read it with all your emotions combined
I'm about to paint a picture some minds can't even articulate
Government not caring about nothing but stacking their plate
See it goes even deeper than hate
Races being Annihilated yet can't retaliate
Deeper than the roots of ancestors, the soil holds the blood they shed
Deeper than a baby crying in the night, another day gone unfed
Who pays the cost of a parent lying cold, a drop still in the syringe from the drug that was sold?
Deeper than a nation
Deeper than a mother in a morgue weeping
Not knowing of the money he hid for safe keeping
Deeper than the hustle and grind
That goes back through the hands of time
Deeper than a teen looking down at two lines
Younger father yelling it ain't mine
Deeper than a young child hooked on whiskey yearning for another drop
Praying the abuse would stop
Or the father who can't control his fist
Deeper than his daughter who releases her pain through tiny slits
Deeper than the elderly man shivering in the cold
How was he to know a year ago his company would fold?
Deeper than the bullied teen eager for class to dismiss
Deeper than the transgender raped in the alley yearning for their first kiss
The last two found in the morning with slit wrists
So now dig deep within your soul
You have the key to make a nation whole
You must love with all your heart
First... Stand tall... Look in the mirror
This is where you will start

Jessica Motherway

Jessica Motherway

My name is Jessica I am a survivor of human trafficking, sexual, physical, and mental abuse. I was adopted at 6 by abusive parents, who locked me in a room with nothing and had to do chores to earn food, shower, and clothes. I was bullied in school and leaned on a boy who gave me attention, he is the one who turned me over to the traffickers at 11. At 13 I became homeless and already addicted to drugs. I am now 38, clean 7 years and happily married for 21. I was blessed that my husband rescued me from the streets.Many don't make it. My poetry helps me talk about what life really is about, behind the scenes. My poetry is my therapy.
Jessica Motherway

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