Deluge, micropoetry by Desiree L. Balota at
Toa Heftiba



written by: Desiree L. Balota


the deluge of sun
drowned the basement wall and soaked
the parched cellar floor
thirsted for dark and dry moons.
dripping with light, the floor rose.

Desiree L. Balota

Desiree L. Balota

A student and fan of surrealist and constraint-based poetry, Dess carves syllables and statements in notepads, smartphones, and ice cubes as she pauses between her day and night walks for pen and speaker jobs and skateboard-on-tidal-wave adventures. She has written three books of poems and dreams of toasting spaceships and broken promises in her Olympic size mini oven.
Desiree L. Balota

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