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written by: Simona Prilogan



While running back to the olden times
imagining the intervals when
you went away for a while,
there was a sea
of your thoughts on my barren heart.
The cruel tides
were pushing the walls.
The memories were dark
and congested like dark clouds.

I prayed for the fog,
so I could expect
some rain droplets
of comfort from the sky.
But those clouds turned to be
wrathful with severe wind.
I misconceived
the lightning with light.

That all brought to me
the thunderstorm.
I begged for the shelter
but I didn’t find.

I waited for a moment
in a delusional state
and found myself
on a different star.

I heard my delusion
whispering in my ear:
“You have found
Peace, serenity and comfort.”

Simona Prilogan

Simona Prilogan

Born in a communism regime, Simona put education and hope at the peak. She is a mother of two, who encourages her sons to dream beyond the limits and to act accordingly with passion. Through her work, Simona is trying to bring love and humanity.
Simona Prilogan

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