Down Memory Lane, story by Emilija Veljković at
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Down Memory Lane

Down Memory Lane

written by: Emilija Veljković


“Remember when we visited Italy? We used to collect shells as we walked along the beach, the sea kissing our feet as we talked and breathed in the salty air. ” Alexander asked Catherine as they watched memories of their life together.

“Yes, it was very hard to find them, with the waves washing them away every five seconds! Fun times, especially when I’ve got to be with you.” Catherine responded, looking straight into her husband’s light eyes, full of adoration and devotion.

A movie consisting of the moments they shared, places they visited, and their little house on the outskirts of the quaint town they lived in. Every meal they cooked together. Their cat, Coco, was brushing against Catherine’s leg, asking for food.

Every kiss, sweet and passionate, ignites their souls. Every touch electrifies every nerve in their bodies.

No matter how long they’ve been together, the feelings never go away. Even as they sat there, the trust, respect, and love they had for each other remained.

Even now, in the afterlife, they held each other tight, enjoying the comfortable embrace.

Forever entwined, until they’re reborn again.

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