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Dream Happy

Dream Happy

written by: Russell Colclough


Little old Dolly, a lifelong royal fan, waited for three days enduring the rain and wind so she could see the new king. She couldn’t afford a hotel, and her legs were swollen with so much pain. She endured everything that was thrown at her hoping to see the king. The procession began with all the pomp and circumstance. Everyone stood up to see, and Dolly stood up as well. Her weary legs gave way, and she fell to the ground, she had so much pain. Nobody helped her, they were too busy watching the procession.
The King noticed her, he ordered the Royal Coach to stop. The King got out and helped her to her feet. The King allowed Dolly to ride in the Royal Coach. After the coronation, Dolly was given a bite to eat and bed for the night in the palace. A week later, sadly, Dolly passed away. Her nurse said,
“Dolly was a Lovely old lady, Dolly has been in hospital for the last two months, she passed away with a smile on her face, it must have been a lovely dream.”
The nurse went to her next patient,
“What can I get you, Maggie.”
“I’d love to go to Scotland.”
“I can sort that out,” the nurse said with a smile.

The nurse then prepared the next injection.

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