Earth Trials, a poem written by LadyLily at

Earth Trials

Earth Trials

written by: LadyLily



Yesterday I picked a bunch of Asters,
Glowing in luxury,
Realizing an unusual amazement
Of seeing their aura.
Every petal a blaze of slender splendour.
The gem-like stars in the lilac tints of Amethyst,
Intense with a living glow…as though they were smiling at me.
Touching senses far greater than the limits of old.

Blackbird, his tiny throat warbles depths of harmony,
Singing the approach of night, changing notes,
A gift to hear.
Crushed leaves, pumped ginger, listen to echoes of a lost season,
Gulping to be heard.

The burden of mystery is a heavy, weary weight,
Lying dreadfully on our impressionable World.
A gentle hand leads us on, asleep…
We become a living soul,
With deep power of gladness and harmony…
A new life exists.

Sun rises, the veil naturally draws,
We breathe our natural habits,
Our minds are selfish….
Take a timeless, spaceless moment.
Each soul, a purpose on Earth trials,
Filling a mission,
Moving on.

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