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Earth's Cemetery

written by: hedgehog


We buried your body today
As you disintegrate slowly in your grave
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Mother earth has claimed you
Turning you to humus once again
You who were the human race, who existed
On this fertile planet we called Earth
As the world's population expanded
With nowhere to expand into
Extra terrestrial beings will gaze down
At this barren world you once populated
And one day when life as you knew it
Lost in black night has ceased
It will all be one great silent cemetery
There will be no more homo sapiens living on this earth
And then?
The atoms from whence we came will seek out
New forms of life
With no need for houses, cars, oil, plastic or metals
These that have blighted our very existence
Seas and Continents will recover like living posters
To breathe new life into a world without humans



I'm a retired Civil Servant, I worked for the Ministry of Defence retiring at the age of fifty. I am now seventy years of age and was encouraged by my good friend Annie Mulholland in February 2016 to write short stories and poetry as she thought I was well capable of writing both. I started writing in earnest in June of 2016. I have joined a writing group "Tenovus write with us".

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